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Opening hours
From Monday to Friday

Morning8.30 - 13.00
Afternoon  15.30 - 20.00
It is possible to fix and arrange an appointment even outside the days and times indicated above.



  • Search for the property: Starting from a careful and cognitive survey of the client's needs, the Apuania real estate agency focuses on the search for properties that fully meet the various expectations, guaranteeing assistance until the final contract of sale or lease.
  • Sale, lease and sale of buildings: we offer the advantage of a personalized service through a marketing plan studied ad hoc, availing ourselves of the help of specialized magazines in the sector, newspapers, publication on our sites and in the major portals of the real estate market, customer search through our database, ensuring our assistance at all stages of the negotiation.
  • Property management: we offer a service of administration of the property, carrying out all the procedures and requirements necessary for the good maintenance of the same and solving the problems that may arise. In the event that the property is rented, our service includes: consultancy and contractual assistance on the lease, management of renewals, management of resolutions and contract registrations, transfer of users.
  • Investment properties: we have apartments, offices, shops, etc., some already rented with consolidated income, others still free, but with an indication of the probable income.
  • Technical Consultancy: the Apuania real estate agency avails itself of the collaboration of the "Architecture Studio Dott. Arch. Maurizio Briglia" offering customers a free service aimed at estimating the properties and checking of their technical-urban planning regularity. This collaboration, over the years, has proved to be a precious and indispensable aid in the sale of real estate, helping to distinguish the Apuania Real Estate Agency for reliability, competence and professionalism.